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How America's obsession with Trivia Night is changing the bar scene, and why it's important for every bar owner to hop on the bandwagon.


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In every part of the country, from major metropolitan cities on the east and west coast to the small suburban/rural towns in middle America, Trivia night is becoming the fastest growing trend among bar and restaurant owners. The goal of Trivia night is simple, attract regulars on nights where your establishment is struggling for patronage. Everyone knows that Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights are peak nights for bars and restaurants but the rest of the week leaves something to be desired for your local watering hole. In an industry where the average business won't make it past the first year of operation (and even if it does it will take another 2-3 years to turn a profit) finding new ways to supplement income from the the slower nights of the week is a vital component of any Bar or restaurant that has the slightest hopes of survival.  

 Trivia night can work at practically any bar as long as you have the right equipment, an entertaining host, challenging questions and prizes. With a few adjustments, you can make your space trivia friendly and the thrill of competition will keep teams coming back each week. 

You may have a group of regulars, but you want to expand your audience and bring new people into the bar. Trivia night can be a great solution. One effective way to connect with a certain audience is to choose a themed event.Craft your trivia night to attract the market segment that you want patronizing your bar.

At the end of the night (see what we did there) Trivia is the easiest way to increase patronage, create buzz and make every bar a consistently packed house. 

Ed Yealu

Written by Ed Yealu