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The simple changes, updates and additions are vital for any successful bar or restaurant.


1. Establishing your Clientele

One of the most important aspects of marketing, is knowing exactly who you are marketing to. This idea carries more weight in the bar restaurant scene then perhaps any other industry. Some bars have themes, some bars, have varied events, some bars set up shop in pre determined locations, based on the overall human traffic. Knowing your clientele is important for not only establishing the theme/decor of your bar, both also setting financial and profit expectations. For instance an affluent white collar clientele will allow you to estimate different expectations than a working class, blue collar or younger clientele. All of these decisions have to be taken into account when you are looking to reconsider the decor and overall look of your bar or restaurant. 


2. Defining clear goal

Creating buzz among the members of targeted groups — corporate types, hipsters, club kids, neighborhood sports fans and other demographic targets

  • Topping what your competitors are doing
  • Getting people to arrive earlier leave later
  • Convincing people to spend more money on food or branded spirits
  • Celebrating occasions and milestones at your bar
  • Fostering a lively, convivial atmosphere
  • Giving customers a way to give back to the community
  • Introducing new drinks, foods or entertainment options

3. Social Media and Bar Games

  • Classic tournaments like pinball, video games, darts, board games and 8-ball
  • Hosting karaoke, bingo or trivia contests
  • Interactive social media games
  • Poker nights
  • Dancing games and contests
  • Encouraging vintage dress for throwback nights

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Dizzy Rascal

Written by Dizzy Rascal