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Who we are?

At Les Quizerables we are passionate about three things. Trivia in the Mornin', Trivia in the evenin' and Trivia at Suppertime.  We are a passionate group of individuals who not only believe in the communal power of Trivia but also are passionate about helping business owners increase patronage and turn walk-ins into regulars. 

What do we do?

We provide trivia event and marketing services for bars, restaurants, general events spaces as well as special events such as bachelor/bachelorette parties,  office outings, family reunions etc...

Is Les Quizerables right for me?

If you are looking to increase attendance and turn passer-byes into regulars then our service is right for you. If you believe that there should be no such thing as a slow night in the restaurant/bar industry then we are right for you. If you think the only thing better than drinks and food, is drinks food and fierce intellectual competition, then we are the right service for you!

Since partnering with Les Quizerables our weekly attendance has increased three-fold. The best part about working with Les Quizerables, is that they catered their service to our specific venue, where most other trivia/event services do repetitive events for all of their client, our weekly Trivia night was tailor made for the vibe of our bar as well as the clientele!
Jane Marks and Oscar Brown - Bar Owners

Jane Marks and Oscar Brown The Blinking Pig Bar/Restaurant

I have been in the bar industry for the past ten years. The most difficult thing has been trying increase numbers on weekdays. Les Quizerables events not only attracted more customers but it turned them into regulars. On top of that, they handled all of the marketing aspects of the weekly events. All we needed to do was provide the space, food and drinks (which is what we would have been doing anyway) ;). 
John Davis - Owner Davis' Cafe and Bakery

John Davis Davis' Cafe and Bakery

Let the Games Begin

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